Who We Are

Nick Ubels has worked in the Professional Services department since 2013, organizing professional development events with a focus on design, marketing, and social media. Nick loves black coffee and good music. In his spare time, Nick plays in a band and hopes to one day prevail against his wife in one of their tightly contested tennis matches.

Sasha Moedt is a new addition to the Professional Services department at the Langley School District. She comes from a background in event planning, copy writing and editing. Sasha is all about food culture, writing fiction, and watching cartoons with her husband.

As Communications and Events Specialist, Anthony “Tony” Biondi helps maintain the district social media and web pages, as well as event organization in Professional Services. He can often be seen drawing in his sketchbook. Aside from singing to himself in the car, he hopes that one day his name will be seen on the graphic novel shelf next to Brian Lee O’Malley and Hayao Miyazaki.

Professional Services Staff

Nick UbelsProfessional Services Supervisornubels@sd35.bc.ca
Sasha MoedtProfessional Services Coordinatorsmoedt@sd35.bc.ca
Anthony BiondiCommunications and Events Specialistabiondi@sd35.bc.ca
Help DeskRegistrarthinklangley@sd35.bc.ca