Who We Are

Sasha Moedt is the Professional Services Supervisor at the Langley School District. She is proud to be part of the Langley School District’s legacy of high-quality, forward-thinking Pro-D. In her spare time she enjoys cooking, writing and plotting ways to encourage teachers to register early for Think Langley’s February Pro-D day, Odyssey. 

As Communications and Events Specialist, Anthony “Tony” Biondi helps maintain the district social media and web pages, as well as event organization in Professional Services. He can often be seen drawing in his sketchbook. Aside from singing to himself in the car, he hopes that one day his name will be seen on the graphic novel shelf next to Brian Lee O’Malley and Hayao Miyazaki.

Rebecca Larder is Professional Services Coordinator on the Pro-D team.  She thrives working together with others and thinking of new ways to engage participants – you name it, Rebecca is doing her best to help make outstanding learning opportunities for teachers in this District.  When she is not at work, Rebecca is an avid runner, photographer, and lover of old show tunes. The advent of smartphones has meant that she can sometimes enjoy all three things at once.

Professional Services Staff

Ngaire LeafProfessional Services Supervisornleaf@sd35.bc.ca
Anthony BiondiCommunications and Events Specialistabiondi@sd35.bc.ca
Rebecca LarderProfessional Services Coordinatorrlarder@sd35.bc.ca
Help DeskRegistrarthinklangley@sd35.bc.ca