COWs Bookings

COW (Computers On Wheels) and iPad Mobile Lab Usage Guidelines

• COWs/iPads travel as a ‘herd’ – there are no ‘loners or loaners’;

• Bookings must be made by proposal in advance of intended use period by at least one week;

• A minimum of one SD#35 staff member must be present and accept full responsibility for the care of the COWs or iPads – this includes proper storage arrangements and security of the lab and all its components;

• Files should be deleted from the workspace/user at the end of each session unless arrangements have been made to have a separate login for concurrent sessions, such as CTAPs;

• All media is the responsibility of the booking group – CDs, DVDs, paper, etc;

• Please note that support for the iPads and COWs is limited to delivery to the room booked and initial set-up, if requested. The person responsible for making the proposal and booking the COWs is expected to be able to operate the components independently, within reason. There is not necessarily ‘tech support’ or ‘educational support’ available while the COWs are in use (especially after 4:30);

• The iPads and COWs are available for use within the SBO only;

• You are required to attend a training session on the COWs or display an equivalent level of competence before the COWs will be released into your care.

  • Specifications and Software

    COW Information

    • The COWs include 14 Macbook Pro laptops, and 10 PCs.

    •The Macs run OSX; Processors: 2.9GHz Intel Core i7, memory: 8 GB 1600 MHz DDR3, size: 13inch Screen – visit for more information on the Macbook;

    •The PCs run Windows 10 Enterprise; Processors: Intel Core i7-4600U CPU at 2.10 GHz; 8 GB RAM;

    • The COWs mobile lab comes with an LCD projector and all 20 laptops have wireless internet access. Please note that presenters may need an adapter (Mac) to connect to the LCD projector;

    • Included Macintosh Software: Safari and Firefox Internet Browsers, iTunes, iPhoto, iMovie, Garageband, Quicktime, Outlook, Windows Media Player, Audacity, ComicLife, Kidspiration, Inspiration, Powerpoint, Word, Excel, Parallels (for running Windows XP).

    •Included Windows Software: Internet Explorer and Firefox Browsers, Word, Powerpoint, Excel, Publisher, Photo Story, Windows Movie Maker, iTunes, FirstClass, Windows Media Player.

    iPad Information

    • The iPad lab includes 25 iPads.

    • The iPads are version 10.3.2, model MD785CL/B, with 12.56 GB capacity.

    • Each iPad has 50+ applications. For more detail on applications, contact Professional Services.

    • If you need other software you must contact Nick Ubels at Professional Services (604) 530-4060, to make arrangements or assess feasibility. Some software titles can be loaded onto the machines temporarily for specific purposes. Please allow for sufficient time (at least a week before your scheduled use request) to load software and test to be sure it is compatible and working.

  • Procedures and Proposals

    • Submission of proposals do not guarantee availability;

    • Proposals must be submitted online using the form at the bottom of the page;

    • The intent is for the COWs to be used to support District and Educational goals including staff development and facilitation of departmental initiatives. They are not intended for ‘personal use’ or individual staff development;

    • You are responsible to book the COWs as well as the required room at the SBO;

    • You will be notified within approximately 24-48 hours on business days if your proposal has been accepted – it is recommended that proposal submissions are made well in advance.

    If you have any questions please contact Nick Ubels by district email or by phone at Professional Services (604) 530-4060.

  • Book the COWs!

    COWs Proposal Form

    • Please enter any additional dates for which you will need this booking.
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    • If not, please indicate who will be supervising their use.