CTAP Credits

Each credit is worth $5 to be used only towards:

• University fees;

• Summer Institutes;

• Christmas and Spring Break conferences;

• Weekend Conferences.

(* NOTE: CTAP credits cannot be used for events taking place Monday to Friday, 8am-3:30pm and this includes Pro-D Days. CTAP credits are also not for use toward resources or materials.)

Claiming Your CTAP credits

Forward your original receipts and completed claim form (link on the right of this page) to Professional Services at the School Board Office. Please note that CTAP claims are a reimbursement to be submitted once your course has been completed. Reimbursement cheques will be sent to your school via the district mail system. Please allow 4-6 weeks for claim verification and cheque preparation.

Please note:

• Credits are not transferable;

• Credits not used within two consecutive years of leave, or upon retirement, resignation or termination from SD#35, are void;

• Valid receipts cannot be older than one year;

• Claims may be made upon completion of a course of study and must include original receipts.

For Example:

A participant with $2,000 in credits can go somewhere like Kelowna for a conference and use credits to pay all related costs of the conference: flight, hotel, car, meals, fees, etc.

The poetry of the credits is that they recognize people who value pro-d by giving them additional pro-d opportunities. These opportunities are also of additional value to the district. Research has indicated that to change the “what” of what teachers teach, a one-shot workshop is fine. To change the “how” of how teachers teach takes a series of workshops with opportunities to practise, and feedback on how you are doing.